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Jannie, Hi! Both my doods do this. It seems only to happen when they're coming in from outside. It is a really fun game for them - you can tell they love it because they play it with each other all the time.

However, I believe you have to curb it - not just to protect your valuables, but for Sadie's well- being as well. Once Gracie grabbed a barbeque fork and carried it all over the house at a dead run. The forked end was sticking out of the side of her mouth about 18 inches. George was running alongside her trying to take it away. You can only imagine my fears.

We have learned never to let them come into the house unless they are contained in some way (leash, hand on collar, baby gate etc.). We ended up putting in one of those indoor invisible fences that keeps them limited just to the kitchen. They learned very quickly that they couldn't run away and steal anything and we just take off their static collars and lead them into the rest of the house when we can supervise them closely.

I don't think you should worry about giving Sadie a treat when she hands over her booty. It's not that you're reinforcing her're giving her positive feedback for giving you what you asked for.

I'll bet some of the more experienced doodle folks will tell us that this is a typical puppy behavior and will not always continue.

Good luck!
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