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For those of you with two doodles have you notice this behavior ?
For the longest time Nezzie was Alpha dog and got what ever toy she wanted but lately since Zoey is a couple inches taller the tables are turning ...
I notice if Zoey has her favorite toy " a stuffed labradoodle " and Nezzie wants it ...she just backs up and sits on Zoey face ...She gets the toy ....
Now I realize this is not very lady like behavior but wondering if other have odd behaviors with two doodles..?
Most the time with 2 doodles its like a 140lb ball of fur with two heads...

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:lol: :lol: Oh, Jackie, I have missed your Nezzie stories!
This sounds just like little Nezzie! She has a unique way of making her world her own!
My dogs do like to keep their own toys, but usually they bait each other by leaving the toy about 2 feet away and then pretending to sleep...when the other sneaks in to get the toy, the sleeping dog DASHES to the toy, grabs it and then covers it with her body! (Notice I said covers with HER body...poor Chase is always the one waiting in the wings!)
In our home size was not the deciding factor, little Rose (from day one) was very alpha and we knew that she would rule this roost soon...and sure enough, she does!
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