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During the day Riley is in her x-pen attached to her crate, with water, newspaper, and various chew toys/treats.

She doesn't eat anything or play during the day - she is either sleeping or crying. I come home at noon every day and take her out for a potty break and play time. The last 5 mins I'm home i make sure i wind it down so I'm not "abruptly" leaving. We ignore her whining/crying when she is in there during the day and we are home.

I've read around the internet and this forum and we are going to try and desensitize her to us leaving. We did leave her for 15 minutes yesterday and she was fine, then we let for an hour and she was fine. It's like she knows it's the weekday again! When will this stop? Is she okay or are we doing mental damage here? She sounds like an entire flock of seagulls all crying at once!

Also, by her peeing on the newspaper in the x-pen, are we setting ourselves up for potty problems in the future? At what age should we take up the paper? If we do that do we not give her water while we are gone?

I will add that she does not mind the crate in our bedroom at night, no accidents, no crying.
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