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More pics.....

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Hello again everyone! Some really lovely dogs and puppies ( AND a handsome man to boot :wink: ).couldn't ask for more eh!

It seems to me doodles are always more popular in other countries than over here where they havent really caught on as yet.My Ozzy is the only one I know here and most people still ask ' what is it ? ' when out on walks :wink: ....these are my other 2 by the way ... small /medium/large!! :lol:
Minnie - moo....


Ralph and Parker ( who I lost in a road accident a few months ago -RIP baby :cry: )

Ozzy having cuddles ( look at the size of those paws!! :lol: )

My girls.....
Danielle (16 on left ) Kirsty (15 on right ) Jenna (10 ) Sadie (4 )
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Beautiful pictures of the whole family!!
you've got a nice family.......thanks for sharing your photos :D
I hope this uploads correctly. Could not resist Brinkley "lounging" in the sun. All he needed was a pair of sunglasses and a fruity drink with an umbrella in it. If this doesn't upload correctly - then I am calling in Gene to the rescue.

HA nothing - what did i do wrong?
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Do you have you pictures on line, and where??
Hi Gene - the amazing computer wizard,
I have them on my computer in picassa as well as some random jpegs on my desktop. you would think i would be able to do this......being blonde really has its limitations:)
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