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More park pictures.....

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Went to the park again today with my cousin, her daughter and Jonah and Miko's new cousin Chewie. They actually went in the water. I have to wait to get pics from my cousin, but here's mine....

Little waterfall

Smiling on the trail by the falls

our little camp

where we went in the water

I always get tangled

Cousin Chewy

Great bottle Dad, but where's the water??

Sorry for the overload...more to come later. Yeah, I'm obsessed!!

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Gene that is a really nice park!!!!

and for the first time i see how much smaller Miko is than Jonah. it's hard to believe she's a peanut too hahhahaha :wink:
now HOW does anyone really KNOW dogs DON"T pee in the water?
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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