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More park pictures.....

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Went to the park again today with my cousin, her daughter and Jonah and Miko's new cousin Chewie. They actually went in the water. I have to wait to get pics from my cousin, but here's mine....

Little waterfall

Smiling on the trail by the falls

our little camp

where we went in the water

I always get tangled

Cousin Chewy

Great bottle Dad, but where's the water??

Sorry for the overload...more to come later. Yeah, I'm obsessed!!

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Since they were on leash, there wasn't any "swimming". Jonah loved the water, Miko loved it, til she stepped into a "deep" spot. She looked at me, as you know she can, as if to say..."That's it, I'm done!". Found out after the fact that people are not allowed to "wade" in the water in the park....oooooops! :oops:
Linda said:
Ok Gene, you heard it here first....
Picture number 2, smile by the waterfall, is a sure calendar winner! Send it in!!!! :lol:
I'll have to see if I can get it cleaned up first, it was really shady where I took that. Also I am a bad photographer with a good camera, and 2 doodles in hand!! :oops:
No where near as exciting water pictures, but didn't have the nerve to off leash, plus it was a real rocky creek.

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Me's my first day I have to go back....I was on vacation! I don't want to go...can someone support me so I don't have to work?....... :wink:
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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