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More park pictures.....

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Went to the park again today with my cousin, her daughter and Jonah and Miko's new cousin Chewie. They actually went in the water. I have to wait to get pics from my cousin, but here's mine....

Little waterfall

Smiling on the trail by the falls

our little camp

where we went in the water

I always get tangled

Cousin Chewy

Great bottle Dad, but where's the water??

Sorry for the overload...more to come later. Yeah, I'm obsessed!!

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Oh what a beautiful place Gene
Did both kids go swimming????
How did they like the water??
The doggie beach where we go is literaly for
dogs only and further out boaters but no swimming for humans.
Ummmm Denver does pee in the water.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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