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Good morning, I hope that you are having a little better day today! Gosh, puppies can try our patience at times. I am with you on that!

There are so many issues involved with potty training. Sometimes it isn't obvious to us because we are thinking like a human, not a dog...but one thing that I have heard (that makes sense to me) is that if you punish (or shout at, or whatever) a dog when you see him potty, he thinks you are angry because you SAW he will hide and he will not potty when you are outside with him.

Now, I know that you say that your puppy is doing his business right in front of you, so that doesn't really apply, I just thought it might get you thinking about some of the reactions that may give signals to your puppy that you don't intend to give.

My dogs have never given me any signal that they need to go outside...well, they do now, because I know them well, but in the beginning, I had no idea that when they sat by my side, looking at me, trying to "communicate mentally" that they needed to go out!

I have a Goldendoodle that was hard to train and she is soooo smart, I couldn't figure it out...she always did her potty on dog beds, blankets, rugs, anything on the floor. She would do it on the way to the door to go out or when she came back in.

It took a long time to train her to go outside. We finally installed a doggie door and, although she still piddled on beds and rugs, she finally learned to go she is great. The thing that we did was to watch her and really praise her when she she is grown and she still runs to me with such a look of pride on her face every time she potties outside!

She always gets a treat when she potties and comes inside. She goes right for the treat closet and sits down, wagging her tail and looking very happy. (Of course all of the other dogs get a treat when Rosie potties too! It's a celebration all around.)

So, I am saying to just hang in there. Your puppy's signals may not be what you expect, but I would bet that you are getting some. You will learn, eventually, what they are but it sounds like you could be in for a rough time for a while.

I really don't think the inside potty behavior is meant as disrespect or to give you any message...dogs don't know about revenge or spite...those are human terms. I agree that it could be related to some health issue and I think you should start by talking it over with your vet...then you may have to hire a trainer to help you figure it all out.

Good luck!
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