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Monopoly Game now has a Labradoodle!

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Hi Everyone,

A couple months ago, in the "DogFancy" magazine, there was a very small article stating that the Scotty dog in in the Monopoly game is being replaced by the Labradoodle. Well, the AKC is apparently up in arms over this and trying to get this changed. I think it is great news and hope Monopoly isn't going to change back. They even showed a replica of the new metal piece, a shaggy cute Labradoodle.

Carole, owner of 2 doodles in CT.
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why would they change it? I bet seattles best coffee was upset about starbucks inclusion. oh well. It already out, has been for a little while. it is based on what is in vogue now. labradoodle in, scotty dog out ;) I cant even imagine AKC would even care. If its true and they really did my opinion of them has dropped another notch.
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