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Molly is obsessed with me

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Molly (5 mos) is very obsessed with my husband and I and I'm wondering if we should be worried?

She HAS to be in the same room, usually sitting on us or atleast within touching distance. She's doing well in her crate, but I'd like for her to be more comfortable being alone in the house (outside the crate).

At first it was sweet that she followed me around all day, but I don't want her to be scared when I'm not here. She definitely has some separation anxiety, I'm guessing that it's because she spent her first three months in petstore.

Any advice?
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I think Molly would benefit from some socializing, maybe a doggie daycare a couple of days during the week. Maybe you could start by taking her for 1/2 days until she gets accustomed to it. You didn't say how long you have had Molly. If you have just gotten her, it will take her a little bit to get use to her surroundings. She will get more and more comfortable with each day. An obedience class would be helpful and get her around other dogs and people which would help bring her out of her "shell".

Happy New Year!!!
Hi, Diane gave you perfect advice...doggie day care is a marvelous idea!
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