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Hi All! SLEEPY HOLLOW DOG KENNELS is sponsoring a Labradoodle Romp in Warrensburg, MO at Pertle Springs on May 20th at 1:00p.m.

1) Door Prizes for all attending Labradoodles!

2) Free Raffle for "Doggie Basket" containing large Pet Pad Bed (great for crate, car seat or wherever Doodle likes to rest), Nylabone Teething Keys, Knuckle Bone, and Organic Gourmet dog treats...--$75.00 value :!:

3) Available Puppies from us and hopefully our friends in Kansas (Linda and Diane) :D

4) "Just for Fun" agility equipment to play with your dogs. Don't worry, we are just ordering a book and following the instructions for a fun introduction to agility party, so don't feel intimidated. We will probably finish building the equipment just before the Romp, so we can all learn together! :oops:

5) Best Dressed Contest (Doodle that is) :wink: (who will judge that :?: )--LOL

6) AILA, inc. ribbons awarded

7) FREE electronic pictures of your dog sent to you after the Romp

8) *** :!: :!: :!: We hope to have a nationally known trainer giving an obedience demonstration followed by a "fun" obedience contest. :!: :!: ***

9) :shock: Dogs can swim in the Lake, but people are not allowed (University rules, sorry. However, fishing is allowed.)

Drinks will be available, but to avoid any doggie/food issues we are not serving food (although we wanted to have a BBQ, but after further discussion with Linda we have decided against it). A comfy chair or blanket might be in order so you can all sit under one of the big shade trees during the obedience lesson... There are picnic benches, but they are not very comfortable.


PLEASE R.S.V.P so that I have enough door prizes for all. E-mail for directions and my cell phone number (in case you get lost).

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Hi Lee Ann :) I have marked it on my calendar and plan to attend if nothing out of the ordinary comes up :!: I was talking to Linda today and she told me that you and your husband are going to make our romp, that's WONDERFUL :) I look forward to meeting you guys. Have a safe trip :!:
See you Saturday! and hopefully May 20th!
Great News

Our demo obedience lesson will be taught by globally sought after trainer Jon Cerda of Sunrise Kennel, LLC about 1:15 p.m. at the Romp. Jon is very busy and he is making a special effort to attend and support our community of Doodles and Doodle lovers. He warns that he is preparing lots of dogs for shows that day so he may arrive a little dirty with his dog in training. We are so happy that he has agreed to join us!!! :D

Check out his website at
Professional Photography

:D Another great addition to the Romp will be professional photography! Virginia Wilson from A+ Photo Solutions, LLC offering her services.

Virginia is a fantastic photographer and just did a series of Labradoodle photographs for a Kansas City family!

:idea: You might want to drive by her studio in our revitalized downtown Warrensburg and look in the window at her fabulous work before heading out to Pertle Springs :!:

Downtown is just a neat little place in the 'Burg anyway. How many towns have a life sized bronze of a dog on the court house lawn:?: :!:
I have rsvp'd to Lee Ann. I just spoke to Virginia at A+ Photo Solutions and I'm really excited to have Max's picture professionally done. This sounds like a geat time!!
I'm with you Michele, it sounds GREAT!

If I was within 2hrs drive I would love to come. :cry:
Postpone Romp

We are postponing the Romp because I got bit by a deer tick and it got really infected, thick, the size of a softball, red and hot. I am on antibiotics for a couple of weeks and need to stay out of the sun.

The bite place looks much better, but I am totally exhausted. I tried walking early yesterday morning in long sleeves and a hat and I only made is 2 miles and was completely worn out--I usually walk 5-9 miles daily walking/training the dogs, but not right now.

I will get back to you on the new date as soon as I get it all rescheduled. I am sorry for the delay! :cry:
LEE ANN!! take care of yourself! :shock:

is it officially lyme's disease?
The ER doctor didn't exactly say anything to scare me because I was a little frantic once my friend saw it when she came over to help me groom Friday night. I went to the ER after I called "ask a nurse" and she told me to go to the ER since it was a weekend and there is this 24 hour window from the actual bite to when you need to start the medicine. I'm not quite sure we made 24, but at least 48 hours.

I don't exactly know when he attached himself to me. I just know that Thursday night when I took my jeans off around 10 p.m. that my leg burned, was red and itched and was raised up to about the size of a lemon. When Greg found it he pulled out the flat dead tick from my back upper thigh. By Friday afternoon it looked really red, big and hard and it had about doubled in size.

They are treating to prevent Lyme disease with doxycycline 2 times daily for two weeks. It looks so much better now I can hardly believe treatment started at 11 p.m. Friday night.

I'm not a big baby and hardly ever go to the doctor even when I should. My friend Kim just scared me to death when I saw the reaction on her face. She has such an even keeled personality I knew it must be worse than I originally thought. I am glad she told me to go to the doctor. I plan on everything being back to normal real soon.

Maybe I am just allergic to insect bites because I had a terrible reaction to a wasp bite in the early 90's. Who knows!
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Hi Lee Ann, I can sympathize with you. I have a terrible allergic reaction to tick bites. The area the tick attaches to swells horribly and itches and hurts at the same time. It's no fun but then we live in "tick heaven" :roll:

I hope you are back to your old self real soon :wink:
Great Dog Event May 20th, 2006

Check out for a awesome dog park fundraiser from 9:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m. in the Kansas City area which will have an agility clinic, AKC Good Citizen Test, a microchipping clinic, lots of dog games, many demos by trainers, service dogs, herding dogs, search and rescue, a silent auction, a dog adoption fair, vendor boothes and lots more!

Admission is FREE, demos are free and there is a discount for all clinics prepaid by May 17th using the above link.
Oh My Gosh!

I'm so sorry about that - OUCH! The ticks are horrible this year. The tick was dead? Maybe you got some Frontline on you! They are nasty little things. I hope you don't have anymore trouble from the bite. I'm glad you're on the Doxy. Make sure you're getting enough sleep. You must have sleep to fight an infection. Good luck.
Wow Lee Ann. I'm so sorry to hear about the tick bite. I hate those little boogers and am cringing at just reading your posts. I'm disappointed to hear the romp is cancelled but completely understand the need to do so. Please take care of yourself and do let us know if you reschedule.
I'm calling Virginia to see what date will work with her schedule. Jon is hard to get in touch with so we may have to do it without him. I promise it will be this summer--I have worked too hard making all this stuff to not have it!
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