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Missing Leno/Moving

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Hey everyone!!!...I havent been in much...I've been in England since June 28th. Im only here on vacation for now, and I will be home soon. Im missing Leno so much and now im definately considering bringing him with me when I move here to England. His caregivers have said he isnt eating or drinking much since I've been gone...poor guy he must miss me or something.

Has anyone ever moved with a dog like this before?? The total travel time is about 11 hours...7 hours of it is the flight. I've heard lots of bad things about dogs being in a plane for too long. I will probably be moving within the next few months and I want to make sure im making the right choice..he already has a guaranteed home with my uncle if it comes down to it, but I would really love to bring him...i've missed him a lot!
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Hi Brooke...I would imagine that it is very difficult for both you and Leno...I hope that you can work something out for him.

It is my understanding, however, that when a dog is taken from the US to other countries (England is one of those I have heard about) the dog must be in quarintine for SIX MONTHS! Really. Sooo, I would check into that before you get too far in your plans to move Leno out there.

I wish you all the best in your new home and your new adventures...
if you get all the vacinations and blood tests done before you plan to bring your dog to England the quarintine can be done in your home.
We had a dog we were bringing to England from Spain and we waited the six months after the rabies blood test and had certificate from vet that the quarintine had been done.
I think the quarinteen is different for different countries. My friend moved from the US to Spain a few years ago (military) and I don't think they had to do anything excessive. They are getting ready to move back and again, I don't think they've had anything like that, but maybe that is because it's military??
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