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Merry Christmas Love Sue & Denver

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1 - 20 of 32 Posts handsome hunk you!!!! I've got a new desktop!!!!! :lol:
Whoa! What great photos! Gosh, you can almost hide behind that boy! LOL...almost! :wink:
Your decorations are lovely and I am always so impressed with Denver...he is a favorite boy, that's for sure! We love you Denver!
What awesome photos ! I love the ones with you and Denver. All your little stuffed critters and snowies are so cute

Merry Christmas to You and Your Family
Whoa Denver! I saw those legs and thought you were a big handsome reindeer! And I'm impressed. You can stand with all those stuffies and not defuzz a one! Good boy!
SUE those are the nicest pictures and WOW i love how you decorated with so many things around ..........awesome pictures!!! glad we could see you too in one!! Denver is such a good boy to pose like that :D
Merry Christmas!! I love all these photos!! I am amazed that you are able to keep stuffed animals at Denver's level without him choosing a new one daily to tear apart. Recently I thought I could trust Annabelle to know that the stuffed bear on the sofa was NOT hers. It was on the sofa with other gifts I was gathering together to wrap. It was a record high day so I left the back door open for her to go in and out. Not realizing the bear was missing, I went into the back yard and saw the white bear face down in the dirt. I went to go pick it up and it had dirty doodle-mouth prints all over it. It looked so pitiful, but it was also cute and funny to see that she just couldn't help herself! (luckily it wasn't an expensive bear) Well, it's Annabelle's bear now. She hasn't torn it up yet - just dirtied it up.

You & Denver make a cute pair! Your top even matches his fur! :)

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I love the photos!!!! Wow Denver is so good to leave all those beautiful decorations alone :)

You are such a handsome dood!!!!


Sue great pics!!! I love the holiday display.
Denver Denver Denver....NOW I can see what a big boy you are!!! You are GORGEOUS!!
What great pictures of you and Denver! He is soooo handsome.
Coco is in love!! (along with many others, I know!)
Abby doesn't have a clue yet, only 8 weeks old and just got home!
Posting pics soon!

All your decorations are great!
"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!"
Have a great holiday!

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Wonderful pics Sue. denver seems to take all that affectionate attention right in stride. And I love your holiday decorating! Very cute!

I'm bah humbugging it here in Sacramento. One poinsettia--that was given to me--is my holiday decor!! :roll: I am decorating at the lake house because that's where we party!!! :D
Denver, you are so gorgeous, and such a good boy for not messing up Mom's teddy bears!!!
Wow, your house looks like Christmas is already here. I know it's been said already but HOW do you keep Denver away from all those stuffed animals. I see his toy box is right there too. Does he actually just get his toys and never touch the Christmas ones? What's your secret? Do you have a tape of you saying "Leave It...Leave It....Leave It" playing instead of Christmas carols?
You didn't know??

Except for an occasional bear ear, and then he feels really bad about that....right Sue?? :wink: :lol:
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Henry said:
What's your secret? Do you have a tape of you saying "Leave It...Leave It....Leave It" playing instead of Christmas carols?
Why yes, as a matter of fact she does!

(with a nod to gene - FUNNY site!)
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Love the pictures of Sweet Denver! And Sue it is so good to see your smiling face too! :D :D :D

Marc just kept saying "Boy that's a big dog! Boy that's a big dog!" :eek:

'Da Bears' look so cute! And of course, Mr. Perfect leaves them alone ... he's Denver! :roll:

Now ... The next picture ... Denver and ALL the cats in front of the fireplace! :shock: :shock: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Yeah SUE where's all 9 cats??? you arent' favoring Denver are you?

Pic of cats please alllllll around those stuffed animals hahhaha and denver too!
Thanks everyone for all your nice words about my boy
Getting the nine cats to sit in front of the display would take me a couple of years. bahahahahahhhaa
I will try Christmas morning as they do congregate then(with the help of catnip).
As far as Denver not touching what is not his, that started with cat toys when he was a puppy. He will not touch their toybox and what I did was
keep telling him off,(over and over and over and over) and then that changed to praising him everytime he walked by a cat toy and did not touch it. That made it is easy now with the Christmas decorations.
Denver is a very sensitive dog to doing the right thing and if he even thinks he has made an error it shows in his face, as some of you will remember in the bears ears pictures. Therefore when he walks by some
thing that he should not touch and does not, I praise and praise and he loves that kind of attention a lot more than the fun he might have of doing damage to the item.(well maybe not but you get the idea)
I do not have a full tree up because I have nine bratty cats who eat the small one and they just do not care to be trained(teehee)They would take a big tree down in no time, and try to blame Denver but we all no better in this house. Wow writing a book here...............
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