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Meet Casey- the wonderpup!

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Picked up this little lad last week from grandma Nancy at doodlesville. He is just the best little guy ever- we are madly in love with him. He is sweet and playful but gentle, not mouthy. Very smart (omgoodness is he smart!) House training is going well. And, get this, he sleeps through the night, 7 hours no barking/whining, no accidents! Whaa?? He must intuitively know how much my sleep means to me. :wink:
We were going to name him Wrigley but decided he looked more like a Casey.
We have taken a ton of pictures but they are all little blurs...LOL. Here is one from last night- he laid in a pee accident so he needed a rinse. Isn't he just the cutest?!!

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Awwww thats GREAT!!! Im so glad he is doing so well
he was so good here too!!! i was suprised myself, he is such a great pup!

Give him a big ole hug from grandma,and keep those pics coming

did you get a chance to read the "how to photograph a puppy " print out i sent with you,,,its in your folder :lol: :lol:
He is even cuter in person,,
this guy is sooo smart, he really reminds me sooo much of Bocker ,,he even looks like bocker did when he went home as a pup

Casey was so good,,quiet in the crate, big but not a bulley,,he is going to go far :D
this is a Funny
one of my Favorites

How To Photograph A Puppy
author unknown

1. Remove film from box and load camera.

2. Remove film box from puppy's mouth and throw in trash.

3. Remove puppy from trash and brush coffee grounds from

4. Choose a suitable background for photo.

5. Mount camera on tripod and focus.

6. Find puppy and take dirty sock from mouth.

7. Place puppy in pre-focused spot and return to camera.

8. Forget about spot and crawl after puppy on knees.

9. Focus with one hand and fend off puppy with other hand.

10. Get tissue and clean nose print from lens.

11. Take flash cube from puppy's mouth and throw in trash.

12. Put cat outside and put peroxide on the scratch on puppy's nose.

13. Put magazines back on coffee table.

14. Try to get puppy's attention by squeaking toy over your head..

15. Replace your glasses and check camera for damage.
16. Jump up in time to grab puppy and say, "No, outside! No,

17. Call spouse to clean up mess.

18. Fix a drink.

19. Sit back in Lazy Boy with drink and resolve to teach puppy
"sit/stand" and "stay" the first thing in the morning

:D :shock: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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LOL think bout me,,,i have to take pup pics every 2 weeks at least
my pooor pooor camera,,,and major headache,,lol

that is sooooo true,,LOL
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