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Max goes to top of class

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OK i am soooooooooooooo PROUD of MAX in class 5 last night!!!
I am doing training 6 to 7 days a week now with all 3 doodles hahhaaa

Last night however, Max started his usual antics wanting to NOT pay attention to me as the puppies are far more interesting.
I was asked if i would just for one class try a prong collar, the small one and since i used them 10yrs ago i said OK.

OMG what a difference!! 'Max had his full attention on me for once in class.

I got MAX to do things OFF Leash and hand signals only not saying a word.
DAVE and my daughter came to class towards the end
MAX gets an Instant PERM when he sees her and goes WILD hahhaa

Immediately i put Max in a lie down/stay with no leash, no treat
for a FULL 10 min Max stayed, didnt' budge an inch while i stood 8ft away and even tested him by walking over to say hi to my daughter

I loved seeing the trainers and everyone in class in shock hahhahaa
they even had me try some PRE-CGC training and Max was able to complete 2 out of 3 of the exercises.

I was so PROUD of Max :D he got tons of hugs, praise and some treats too

PS he slept like a log last night hhahahaaaaa
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Way to go Max :D Do tell what the 3 tasks they use these days for CGC?...thanks
MTD we were doing things like someone else walks towards me as i am walking to them at same time. we stop greet each other , talk for a tiny bit making our dogs sit/stay and then others dogs are nearby at same time. then we continue

it's part of learning how to walk in crowd also to be able to stop and talk while your dog ignores everyone,everthing.

then we did other distractions with my having to keep Max's attention ON me...also putting him in a stay ,while i walked across the room turning my back on him , talk to someone, etc come back and expecting him to still be waiting

CGC is 2 classes away for me as we were doing an introduction and using it to add variety with also reinforcing the basics we are doing.

at home i have Max lie down and stay then i walk to the other end of the house and then call him to come.
my house is big too hahhaaaaaaaaaaa
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Where are your classes from? I LOVE a prong collar for Dakota but in his training class, prong collars were not allowed . . .
we use the Volhard positive reinforcement training and 90% or more of time prong collars aren't used. And if not familar with them, they will teach you how to use it correctly.

BUT for Max this was the only way for him to show what he really does know after alot of work. And Enabled to be MUCH CALMER and also pay attention.

you can also put rubber tip covers over the prongs...we're going to use a medium size for him due to his size and type of coat so no hair is pulled even with the slightest tug.

I had a dog 10yrs ago I had to use one and had amazing results but ONLY used it outside the home and in class.
Go Max!! That's awesome annmarie!! He's such a good doodle!!
Wow....good boy Max, makin' your mama proud like that!!
Good boy Max..............
Knew you could do it.............
I use a prong collar on Tanner...I bought the one from Petsmart...hated the one from Petco (has to go over head)

I put the rubber tips on the prongs. Sometimes I put it on with a regular collar. I don't connect the prong collar just use the regular unless it is a day when he doesn't listen or if we are in an unknown situation with lots of people around.
Annie, that is so funny that you would mention that - Tim told us last night that you used one of those with Tanner - as Tyke was pulling me down the street!!! I may have to try one with her as well, but I will try Petsmart's version!
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