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Marley's grooming trip

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I can't say that Marley looks bad, but I still prefer the shaggier Raggae look. If he could just stay somewhere in between. But Ya gotta clip him sometime. See for yourself. He is a soft puff ball, but a few romps in the yard will change that soon enough.


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How adorable. Marley, you look maaaavelous!

Shaggy is cute, but there is something to be said for the soft, just-cut coat too.

Marley .... You're a handsome devil with or without the dreads. Tell your FoodGuy, "It'll grow out!"

Woofs and Licks.
Simply stunning! Like you, I prefer the shaggy look as well but he really does look good. They butchered Chloe when she went in but it is finally beginning to grow back! :?
Are you kidding??? - that's a fantastic cut! I think he looks great....:D

It's one lesson I've learned from Dexter - they grow out FAST. Fast fast fast. can really see the color variation in his coat now! What a handsome boy!! :lol:
I think Marley looks great!! I like the soft velvet feel when they first get cut short.
The groomer did a great job on Marley!!! I think he's a handsome boy both ways! :wink:
I think Marley looks great. I too am a lover of the shaggy look, but I would have to say that is the best cut I've seen. I am scared to get mine cut. I just snip and chop and hope for the best.
other than looking a little smaller - he is gorgeous, love seeing all the different colors.

I'm always devastated when we groom Annabelle, for two weeks after I call her my little drowned rat but it grows back fast
I LOVE both looks...Marley got a great cut !!! he is soooo cute and has a nice coat
Marley looks really cute. I am so afraid of what the groomer will do to Emily. Question is, what do you tell them to do with hair on top of the head? The breeder told me to only use scissors otherwise it would change texture/type of coat. Her first trip to groomer is next week.... :cry: :cry:
Our groomer offered us quick trim at a discounted rate at about five months just to introduce him to process. Just trim around his face, feet ,ears and rear. The for this one, almost 7 months, all I asked for was for him not to look like a poodle. Besides many colors, he has curly hair (neck and top of back), dreads (top of his head), courser wavy hair(legs and near his hind quarter). I asked them not shave anywhere and just trim the longer wavy hair so his length appeared more uniform. No shaving or leaving a ball or fluff on different parts of his body...poodle like.

It is scary the first time, but if you can talk to them in person and get a rapport with them early on, it helps make you feel better telling them what your expectations are. It helps you and the groomer. When I said I did not want him to look like a poodle, her response was.."that may be tricky. He IS a poodle." :? So you have to be fair in you expectations. And of course as everyone says it will grow back fast. Good luck Emily!!
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That is a GREAT cut! Next time Tyke goes, I think I'll take the picturesof Marley for the groomer to see. Maria, my only advice for you, is don't let your mother go to the groomer with you. Mine wanted Tyke to look "like a little Airedale." The poor groomer did exactly what my mother told her, but Tyke's face looked like a baboon's for about a week! (We didn't tell TYKE that, of course!!!)
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Marley you look wonderful. I love how you can really see his double colored coat. Your groomer did a great job.

:wink: :wink:
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