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Male Dominence

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Our Labradoodle is 5 Months old and is an absolute joy to both my husband and myself. I do everything that "packleader's" are suppose to do. We had him nuetered at 4 months old, thinking that his humping might subside. My only problem with him has been, when taking him out to play frizbe, or ball, he gets that look in his eye, and he starts humping me. I sternly say "off", with a let him know who's boss. He then proceeds to show his teeth and bark loudly at me....all the while waging his tail.

I have MS and will be taking our Mojo to be a service dog when is is old enough.

My guestion to the male labradoodle owners out there is, have any of you experienced the dominence behavior?

Thanks for your input,

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Dexter is 5.5 months old and was neutered at 4 months. He used to hump me all the time and then stopped. Last week he started it with my husband (maybe 1x a night). I think we'll try the suggestions on that website. I really do think he's playing. He seems to do it when he's in need of a nap as well so we have put him into his crate when he starts doing it.
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