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Man! it has been SO LONG since I have posted a message here, but wanted to say that "we are back"! Maisy and I have been signing in and reading posts now and again, but so much has happened since we were last here. Some of you know my "baby sister" was in a car accident that left her with internal injuries...and later we found out that the accident probably saved her life, for there were no internal injuries...just a GIANT TUMOR! Then it was, "could be sarcoma", "never saw anything like it"..geez, this surgeon doesnt hold back! After the mass was sent away to some special path lab in Cleveland, it was determined that is was just a weirdo growth, and although it could come back, it can also be removed again...oi! enuff about all that! but thanks to all of you who remembered her in your prayers!
Maisy is, HUGE! When I look at her baby pictures, I am amazed. She is really wonderful, honestly, the most beloved dog I have ever had. Big time chewer, I read with great interest some of the posts about chew toys...i too, give up! :? Pet suppliers DO NOT GET IT when it comes to these kind of chewers!
Also~we bought her another house! No, no, I mean we bought a new house lol...but believe me, she is certain that it was just for her! Maisy is indeed the queen.
OK. i dont want to go on and on, but promise to get caught up on ALL the posts, for I LOVE reading about your precious babies, learning from your wisdom, and wishing for another Labradoodle when I read about your babies and all their beautiful colors...makes me want one of each!
Doro~i have NOT forgotten our bet, but I am sure I lose lol...i didnt know what to expect, clearly! :wink:
looking forward to seeing you all here REALLY SOON!
~Maisy and Annette
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