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Maggie can't keep her food down!

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Hello everyone. We're back with a new problem :? . Maggie threw up what we believe was her breakfast. She threw all of it up. At dinnertime we fed her, and she threw that up as well. She has refused food (which is extremely unlike her!). We don't know what to do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

p.s. both dogs stopped coughing, we believe that it was a reaction from the dust and dry heat of my relative's house.
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Is she able to drink water? Does water stay down?
If not, I'd advise you to take her to the could be a blockage. (Does she eat or chew on rocks, small toys, rawhide?)
Puppies get tummy upsets often and usually it is nothing...does she make the (sorry this is graphic) motion and sound of vomiting? (Where their tummy goes in and out and they sound like a saw bending back and forth?) I ask because it may make a difference to the vet when you call...I don't know. But I am wondering if the food is making it to the tummy or if it is coming up before it gets there?
Her refusal to eat could be many reasons too...but the most important factor, I think, is whether or not she is drinking and keeping water down. Also if she is pooping okay...which would mean that food is passing through.
If the food is passing through, you can probably wait until tomorrow...
I would always err on the side of caution...and call the vet, perhaps even the emergency room visit. If you have a health center you can call or a vet on call, that is the best. Then they can advise you and give you more things to look out for.
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How is Maggie doing today? Let us know when you can.
Maggie is doing great

Maggie is doing much better now. She was drinking water and later ate some dinner. We figure it was just a upset stomach maybe? but she is back to the same old Maggie. I think that I may've overreacted a little. do you have any advice on what to do if her stomach is upset? Does pepto bismal help? (we didnt give her anything and just let t pass, but i felt so bad, not giving her any food!) Thanks for your help.
Hi MaggieMay, I'm glad Maggie is doing better. Yes, definately give her some pepto bismol whenever you think her stomach is upset. The dosage is 1cc per 10 lbs.
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