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Lots of shedding!

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Wow !! My "no shed" to "low shed" Doodle is shedding like crazy! I could keep brushing for ever and the brush would be full of hair. I have to clean out the brush because it won't hold any more. The part of the house where we have hard wood floors is white around the edges. I sweep and run the sweeper but can't keep up with the shedding. I was wanting to know if they go through a period where it is really bad, and can I look forward to it getting better? I had said he shed a little but not as much as our Beagle mix we have in the house which sheds a lot. Well, Cub has him beat as of now. I am hoping this is going to pass and Cub will at least be a "low shedder". Any one else have this problem?
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Cub was 10 months old July 1 st. so I guess it is still called a puppy coat as he is not yet 1 year yet, right?
My totally uneducated guess is that at 10 months he is blowing his puppy coat.

BTW - our beagle mix is a master shedder as well!
Jonah went through that at 10mo also. I had black tumbling "Jonahweeds" everywhere! :shock: Now when I brush him, I get very little hair again. Took about a month to 6 weeks.
we seemed to notice that dexter is losing a little more fur lately than usual. It's not terrible shedding, but could be due to 1) end of blowing puppy coat? 2) his hair being longer or 3) the weather (warm/dry)? He's just 12 mos old...

I def think that at 10 mos cub could be blowing the coat. Is he a F1 or F1B?
Cub was 10 months old July 1 st. so I guess it is still called a puppy coat as he is not yet 1 year yet, right?
Correct and like all the info so far, I believe he is
blowing his puppy coat.
type of labradoodle? pic?

probably puppy coat especially if he really didnt do it beforehand. sometimes when a breeder says low shed they mean compared to a lab. have you ever seen a lab shed?? its not a pretty site trust me :)
Cub is a F1. I have read on here about "blowing a puppy coat" but not really sure what it is. Do they loose a lot of the puppy hair then it comes back in differant? His hair seems to be a little more fuzzy on his back especially when I brush him. Looks kinda like an over processed perm.
Ha, an overprocessed perm describes Chloe on most days! I am hoping that her adult coat will be silky and a little less like a big black cotton ball :lol:
Q: Do ALL doodles blow their puppy coat? Is that a given? Are there some that just pass that stage?
I don't think Tanner blew his puppy coat. There was a brief period when I could brush cotton balls out of him at each brushing, but never enough to find on the floor. This last time I had him groomed (at 11 months) he is so much easier to brush. He seems to be more silky and fleecy, doesn't mat as much. :shock:
I dont think all blow their puppy coats. And I think it varies to what degree as well from the feedback I have gotten from my puppy parents. It seems to depend on coat.

An F1 "typically" is going to shed. A lot. (but less than a lab) There are exceptions and without seeing a pic this is all an educated guess on my part. Its extremely probably that the fur is going through a change - even purebred poodles do this. The puppy fur changes into adult fur. The adult fur can take many shapes! It can come in course or shaggy in particular on an F1. Sometimes it is courser on the back end.

I love my F1, I love the shaggy look. :)
I need to try to get another picture of Cub on here if I can remember how I did it. I did post a picture on June 18, I believe. It was "Cub looking out window". I'll try to post a new one.
Sorry about this,- Me again! I forgot to ask how you get a picture next to your post. I don't know how to do it. Thanks!! :D
cubadoodle........max is a f1 labradoodle that sheds minimally but when he blew his puppy coat :shock: i swept daily and could have made a sweater hahahhaa

anyway, he just started shedding alot this past week again...i wonder if the weather also has anything to do with it? it gets real hot then following week.
Yes, Thats the hair I sweep up every day! When did you sneak in and take the picture?!
Cubadoodle said:
Yes, Thats the hair I sweep up every day! When did you sneak in and take the picture?!
shhhhhhhhh that' my secret hahahhaaa

OH peanut decided to blow the last bit of her puppy coat too this week too. Did i say how much i love sweeping? and SESSA wanna lend me your spining wheel ? :D
Just the other day, while brushing Coco....I had gobs of hair in the brush, too. I don't find much on the floor, but when I bathe or brush her! I think she is "blowing her puppy coat..."

She is 8 months today!! Annmarie reminded me!
annabelle has never shed like that, I brush her every day or two but never got tons :D

Having lived with 4 labs in the past, Annabelle is a joy when it comes to the hair department :p
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