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Looks like a LD in a kill shelter again AL

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Oh, man, he is so gorgeous! He'll find a good home soon...and he sure does deserve the love of a new family...poor baby.
Gorgeous, yes, but why do people drop them off at such bad shelters?? I cannot understand that.
You hit the nail on the head there...I get so angry about that. It is true that sometimes people are not able to keep their dogs, for a variety of good reasons...but there are so many good homes out there, if the owner would take a little time and make a little effort, they could find a loving home for the dog.
These dogs are living, breathing, compassionate and loving souls...I don't understand abuse of any type...not puppy mills, not neglect, not abandonment, not emotional abuse, not physical abuse. I simply can't relate to that mentality...and I am glad that I can't.
I wonder sometimes, what has happened to humanity that they can turn their backs on a loving creature...what is wrong with them (the humans)?
You know, with all the abuse and neglect in the world, people feel they can do things like this. If punishment is not given to people for abandoning their pets, or mistreating their pets, this will continue. I know dogs re not humans, but when you get one, you are there to take care of it for it's entire life, and if you cannot, then you should try to find a home for them. They make it too damn easy to just drop a dog off at a shelter, and not think twice about it. I think it should be harder than that, but if there were not any shelters, the dogs would be running the streets.

It is all a vicious circle that is never ending, and the best we can do is to try and find them new homes that will love them. You have people like Chesterpal that wants one, but is just missing out by minutes or hours, and that makes me sad. Julee with Reagan has not posted in a bit, but she just adopted a LD from a shelter too. I was so happy to help her get Snickers.
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Oh, yes...this forum (and your hard work) is a God-send! So many great pups are helped by the generosity of a few...thank you to all!

When you mentioned how easy it is made to drop off dogs at a shelter...I thought about a similar law with babies now...In CA people are able to take a baby to any hospital and "turn it over to them" ... no questions asked. I suppose that it beats the alternative of people abandoning them in trash cans and such...but dang...what is this world coming to that we would even NEED to find a solution to such a problem?? :cry: :cry:
I have never heard of such a thing. Dropping a baby off, no questions asked?? What is this world coming to? I got goose bumps reading that. Unreal!
We have that law here in AZ and I think it is fabulous! Moms can turn their babies over to hospitals and any fire station - no questions asked- within I think 3-4 days of their birth. I think this kind of thing is a must for certain people and the fact that it may prevent babies from ending up in trash cans, suffocated in plastic bags and drowned in toilets makes me all for it. True, it is very sad that we need this sort of law but it is so in the interest of the new baby!

Sorry.... I am totally off topic!
Yes, you are absolutely right. I think that is the best for the babies, and that is a great law. I just wish that these people would think twice before getting themsleves into situations where they have to do such a thing.
I know, sometimes things that go on in the world are just unbelievable! People need to be more responsible all around!
Okay, I think this law needs to be better known. I just looked it up, and it also applies to Illinois. They have the same law. You can drop a baby off at any hospital or fire station up until they are 3 days old!
In Monroe County, FL, where I live, they are trying to get a law passed where people would be forced to sterilize their dogs by the age of 4 months or face a fat fine. Also if you own more than four dogs, they will make you get a kennel license, (translation: more $$$).

I am all for spaying and neutering pets, but I can see why people are upset by this law because of the varying opinions on what age is best to operate. Also, if you are a breeder or if you show dogs the fines (which started out to be $400 per dog, per year) can make it very expensive.
They are still playing around with the language of the law because people are freaking out that the government can compel them to alter their pets or face financial consequences.

Does anyone have similar laws in their county?
I talk to my kids (ages 13 and 15) about the consequences of their actions and choices. I'm glad there are shelters and the safe baby laws so the people and animals who need them don't have to suffer from someone else's lack of thought or care. I get so angry when you hear these horrible baby stories when there are options.
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