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We brought Isla into our home at 9wks and she is 5mos old, now. My husband is home with her, all day, but has recently become disabled, and is unable to provide the level of care for her energy, which involves 14 steps to take her out, and I work 10+ hrs/day. She is, for the most part, housebroken, and is currently in puppy training. She knows sit, down, wait, leave it, touch, and a multitude of other commands. Very smart and a total love bug...but still a puppy! Regular vet care, up to date on all vaccines, rabies & kennel cough. On flea control and heartworm meds, as recommended by our vet. Not yet spayed, as still too young. Regular grooming and just had her 1st puppy cut. She does not shed and is a wavy coat, so far. Her mom is a cream labradoodle & her dad is a standard red poodle. Loves her Varsity Ball and fetches anything. She will come with toys, crate, coat, food bowls...everything we have provided for her, thus far. She is on Science Diet Large Breed Puppy Chicken & Oats...loves it, but will eat anything!! We are so very sad to have to rehome her, but we need to do the best for her. Please advise if you are interested in our puppy! Please email me if interested: [email protected] We are in Westminster, MD.
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