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Looking for the right doodle

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My family and I are wanting to get a Labradoodle. We have been looking at the medium size dogs but I have a question. I have been told that in the "normal" size doodles if one parent is a Labradoodle and the other is a Standard Poodle it can produce an offspring that is an F1b. My question is should I look for the same mix in the medium range. (i.e. Labradoodle with a Toy Poodle?)
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I would say it all depends on exactly what you are looking for in your dog. A labradoodle bred back to a poodle is an f1b and they will usually have a curlier coat and are less likely to shed. However, puppies from a litter can vary greatly in looks and coats. The Australian Multigenerational labradoodle is said to have the most consistent coat and are more likely to be non-allergenic with non-shedding coats as their bloodlines are also infused with the cocker spaniel breed. I have litter mates who are multi-gen Australian and they look nothing like each other, one is creme with a wavy fleece coat that sheds a little and the other is chocolate with a heavy fleece coat that sheds zero.

There are many different looks in the labradoodle so you just need to look around for a good breeder who can help you pick the puppy that is right for you. The coats depend on genetics regardless of size. There are also many good sites online that describe the different coats and sizes. Happy puppy hunting!!!
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