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Hello Everyone! My name is Carol and I have been reading your site, periodically, for over a year. I have found you always have great advice and wonderful information.

I have an F1 Labradoodle from Seven Acres farm in LA. I am in NJ. My doodle's name is Angel and she is best dog we could have hoped for. I have been carefully considering breeding her. My inspiration for doing this was that we had a terrible time finding a breeder in our area. Angel is such a great dog, I wanted the help other families to find a great doodle and not have the stress we had.

My cousin is an Assistant Vet and I have been discussing the responsiblities, process, testing etc.. extensively with her. After much consideration (and testing) we are set to move forward.

Now.. after that long winded introduction... I was wondering if anyone could recommend a stud in the Greater Tri-state area?

Thanks for hearing me out,

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Hi Carol! Congratulations on finding a Labradoodle...and for selecting Seven Acres! I bought a Goldendoodle from them! I love her to pieces! Small world, eh?

How old is your female? When will you be needing a stud? What color, etc?

Did you get breeding rights from Debbi? (If not, you will need to address that with her...)

I am happy that you are going to test and have the help of your sister to determine what a healthy breeding program can involve.

It is important that you also select a male with good genetic testing. The pedigree is important too because you don't want a male related to your female.

I'd be happy to answer your questions, feel free to write to me through a private message (PM in the box below).

I know that there are good stud dogs available closer to you, but if you have any difficulty, maybe I can help. I own a beautiful standard Poodle with a marvelous temperament and great testing results.

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standard Poodle for Stud

i know some people on here are looking for a standard poodle stud. I have a wonderful Male apricot standard poodle. He is our family pet first and foremost and has a great personality. He was the easiest puppy ever and a true joy. He is AKC registered. He is 28" and 60 pounds. He will have all his testing done on Sept. 11 and just had all his yearly immunizations and wellness bloodwork done last month. I am in PA (but not a puppy mill by any means as he is only one of two household pets and the only one not fixed). He has champion bloodlines and comes from very good lines. Please let me know if you are interested in discussing details.
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