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Looking for Standard Poodle stud, chocolate prefered

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I want to breed our beautiful Chocolate Lab "Eowyn" and keep one of the pups for ourselves. What is the best way to find a Standard Poodle stud ASAP?
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I have a adult chocolate tested male for sale

to see pictures of him please visit our site he is on the alumni page and his name is Rags.
Rags is fabulous! And produces great f1b's.
Holly are you breeding any Labradoodles anymore or just g'doodles?

I was on your site and didn't see any l'd's anymore :D
I will be hopefully having a litter of chocolate

Australian Multi Gens soon and of course another litter of F1B labradoodles, but I am no longer breeding F1 labradoodles.

Your puppies look adorable - we can hardly wait for our next litter of goldendoodles to arrive - we miss our puppies!!

Hey, I have a MARVELOUS standard chocolate stud...fabulous scores and temeperament. AND I am in California!

I'll send a PM to you so that you can contact me if you are interested.
Holly, post here or email me when you have f1b doodles; I was just on your site, I have a friend looking for one. thanks!
Thanks for all the replies

Thanks to all of you, this was my first post here and you have all been very friendly and helpful.

If there are any studs in the Southern California Area, I am still looking, but may use Chase in Northern California via artificial insemination, but that is not my first preference.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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