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Looking for Multi-Gen breeder in the midwest

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We have been studying Labradoodles for a couple of years, and are now ready to add one (or two) to our family. We live in Columbia, MO. My husband is firm that he only wants a multi-gen. I have mild allergies and he hates the shedding, so the non-shedding is the hot button (although I understand there is never a guarentee, we feel a multi-gen will give us a better chance)

we would like to get our puppy anytime after the third week of June. We would prefer to have a breeder within driving distance of Columbia, MO. If there is a breeder out there or anyone who can reccomend a breeder would you please contact me.

Thank you,

Kelly Roberts
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Here are two I know of:

Shauna at Chicago Labradoodles, they breed Multigens:

Heather at Cheyenne Valley (in Oklahoma, F1bs and MultiGens):

Hope this helps!
Hi Kelly, I just answered your post on the Ks. Doodle Romp. Linda Layman at 4 Paws Puppies (gracielou) raises multi-gens and she will be at the romp :!: Sure hope you can make it :)
Sorry Linda! I didnt know you raised MGs!!! Linda is a GREAT choice Kelly.
Hi Kelly, I'm glad you took my suggestion and are trying this form. I hope you will find it helpfull in your quest for a puppy. There are a lot of Doodle lovers here and everyone is very helpfull. If you do happen to come to the romp I have a litter of 5th generation multi's maybe you can look at to help you decide, I am only about 10 miles away from where we are having the romp and would love to have you stop by.
Thank you for all the help! This is such a big decision! I am really going to try to go to the doodle romp!
Hi Maureen :) It's April 29th. Can you make it? I've sent Virgil an invite but I haven't heard from him. I know you just had puppies, what was the final count?
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