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looking for a re-home...

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Hi All,

I don't know if you remember when we were thinking about getting Lincoln or not. He was the beautiful black doodle. When we visited him he was much bigger than we thought and was too big and rough for our new puppy. He was also a fence-jumper and we have a deck on a high elevation we were worried about. So..we decided to wait on getting a second doodle.

We think the time has come to get Cody a buddy. He's 48lbs so he should be able to hold his own. We would like to get a girl but wouldn't rule out another male. We don't really want to go through house training again so we're looking for a re-home dood. I've been checking the re-home sites but if any of you know of a dood availiable let me know. We're in northern Arkansas but would drive a while to get a dood. We regularly go to Memphis, Atlanta and Dallas/Tyler. If you hear anything let me know!

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Yes they are beautiful and I am crying my eyes out :cry: . I just don't understand how people can treat living creatures so inhumanely :evil: .
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