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The thing about this it is for so many different reason, you get people that impulse buy and they get the puppy home and realize they are a lot of work and can be expensive with vet bills and things. Then you have people who buy a puppy and don't even try to train it to live in their world and the puppy grows up and turns into a full size dog and is wild because of the lack of training. Then we have people who buy because right now they are popular. I do think that is why as breeders those of us here that are breeders and even buyers who know someone interested in getting a puppy is to try and educate as much as we can. I know most of us do this already but the way it looks is I guess we all need to work harder to help prevent some of these purchases.

I know as breeders that's what we do is sell dogs but we also don't want them ending up in a shelter or a home where they are not loved, the thought of any of my dogs being in a home where they are not loved would break my heart. :(
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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