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Good work Shannon. You are an Angel! There is one LD in N. Miami Beach, Smoky , that does not have a picture. I am going to find out about him. I may know someone who would love a labradoodle! It is a great site. Maybe you could post it on the "considering a Labradoodle?" section of this site, since there are people who would prefer a re-home. There are some great looking dogs there and maybe it will keep people who are looking for a bargain away from the unscrupulous pet stores that buy from puppy mills.

Although there is a famous, or rather infamous, "breeder" (I use the term loosley in reference to this person) in Miami that sells teacup toy breeds at top dollar to celebrities and other unsuspecting members of the public. These poor little dogs are from very questionable backgrounds and many have ended up sick. A friend of mine spent over $3,000 on her brand new Yorkie from this breeder before having to put it down. There was a story done about it in the local news so hopefully the public will know and not be too swayed by the giant billboards the breeder has put up on I-95. I think there is legal action being taken also because of the high profile of some of the people involved.

I'm rambling but I get wound up with this topic.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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