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Looking for a new family pet.

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Our family would love a pup!!!
Hi all, I have been looking for a dog for some years now and have discovered the labradoodle! These posts are great, and great looking dogs also.

My situation is that I am highly allergic to animals, but I am an avid hunter of ducks and geese and pheasants. My family wants a dog so this seems to be the perfect fit for us.

I would prefer to have a female to train and breed just a couple of times so that when my 20 and 19 y.o. boys are ready to be dog owners they can have a good quality pet that they too will love. I do not want to be a breeder, just want to have a way for the boys to have a few pups in the future.

If anyone can help me find the best possible dog, and breeder for a hunting animal, I would greatly appreciate it...

Thanks for everyones insite and help with finding our new family member.

Andrew Payne
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