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Look What Layla and Tejas Had Today

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5 females and 4 males she started around 10:00 and was done about 3:30 or so. She did great for her first time she is very attentive to her puppies. Enjoy :D :D :D

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Thanks Jac.....I was just at your blog and had copied that picture to help out...and you beat me to it!! they are little beauties! I'm glad I live far away....... :wink:
I think I'm in love with the one in the middle with the straighter hair from the last batch....are these Lexie's??
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Linda & Jac, congratulations on your beautiful puppies! I can't get enough of the baby pictures!!!
Thanks, Mindy...actually my mother dog from this litter looks very much like your dog in the Avatar picture...very pretty!

Gene, yes, that is one of Lexie's...she is a cutie pie! You keep saying you are glad I don't live closer...well, I wish I did! LOL I can't imagine a better home for the puppies than with you, Jonah and Miko...but, we'll just have to search for a "Gene" family here...hope we find several!
Jac, I didn't read your post (just above mine :oops: ) Congratulations!!
Beautiful babies!
Congratulations Jac! What a precious picture of your new puppies! Thanks for posting it. :D:D
Beautiful babies Linda! Congratulations!!! :D
Congratulations to Linda and Jac on more GORGEOUS puppies :) I'm going to Linda's in about a month to get my puppy fix. I'm glad Linda is close enough that I can still get a puppy fix from time to time. I sure miss those little darlings :wink:

Our exchange student is hoping that Linda and Layla won't miss one if she sneaks one off in her pocket, :lol: :lol:
I can't vouch for Layla but anyone who gets a pup out of Tejas is one lucky family! CONGRATULATIONS! And thanks for the puppy fix!

Jac, congrats to you as well... I've been eyeing one of the pups from the blog pictures... In my dreams, maybe! I can't wait for another and all these new pups are pulling at my heart!
Awwww Jac they're adoreable!
How many pups do you have now? You must be a BUSY lady!
(I can't vouch for Layla but anyone who gets a pup out of Tejas is one lucky family! CONGRATULATIONS! And thanks for the puppy fix!)

Tejas says thanks for the complement :wink: he trys real real hard to please.

Thanks everyone for peeking in on them, Congrats to you Jac for your litter they are precious. :D

The color if we go by the breed standard will be gold if they have black noses and pads which these pups all will have.
Thanks everyone!

Gold! I like that!!!

Tejas has made you very proud...and I remember when you got him...seems like just a little while ago! I have always been a little jealous, you know!

Tink...this week some go to their forever homes so it won't be as many soon...but at this time I have (drum roll please) 26 puppies! Yikes, what was I thinking???
Thanks Jac I love him to death he is a great dog. He is two now doesn't seem like it though. Time flys when where having fun. :lol:

26 puppies soundslike us this summer we had 24 and that is a lot of pups and poop piles. :oops: :lol:

Maureen no Brown gene in Tejas, but Clancy my red st poodle carries the Brown... I just bred him to an F1 cream with a liver nose, praying I get at least one red female to keep.
Wow Linda!!! I was just thinking of those puppies recently. They are adorable. Makes me wonder if Cooper would like a playmate!!!! (My husband just whispered no!) They are absolutely adorable. Congratulations!!!
Cooper2mom said:
(My husband just whispered no!)
There's always room for compromise with a "whispered"'s the "foot down" no that means something....and that's MAYBE!! :wink:
Oh, I agree with Gene...a whispered "no" is really a "talk me into it because I want to say yes, but have to keep my pride..."
Oh I agree No is No but a whisper no is a maybe.
One week old today!!! Enjoy

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