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Look What Layla and Tejas Had Today

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5 females and 4 males she started around 10:00 and was done about 3:30 or so. She did great for her first time she is very attentive to her puppies. Enjoy :D :D :D

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Lawerence is about 2 1/2 hours from us I have been through there that's about it.
Well he has produced 7 litters now and I don't plan on retiring him anytime soon :lol: I've only outside studded him 2 times once with Phoebe and once with Marly. Both had beautiful puppies with him. I had one litter with one of my girls I won't repeat they just did not have the coats I wanted, so I will breed her with Clancy my red st poodle for F1B's.

I hope these pups have nice coats time will tell. Layla is American/Australian blood line. I know she is exhausted from having them all.
(I can't vouch for Layla but anyone who gets a pup out of Tejas is one lucky family! CONGRATULATIONS! And thanks for the puppy fix!)

Tejas says thanks for the complement :wink: he trys real real hard to please.

Thanks everyone for peeking in on them, Congrats to you Jac for your litter they are precious. :D

The color if we go by the breed standard will be gold if they have black noses and pads which these pups all will have.
Thanks Jac I love him to death he is a great dog. He is two now doesn't seem like it though. Time flys when where having fun. :lol:

26 puppies soundslike us this summer we had 24 and that is a lot of pups and poop piles. :oops: :lol:

Maureen no Brown gene in Tejas, but Clancy my red st poodle carries the Brown... I just bred him to an F1 cream with a liver nose, praying I get at least one red female to keep.
Oh I agree No is No but a whisper no is a maybe.
One week old today!!! Enjoy

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I guess I'm telling my age but just to clarify those are my grandkids... :lol:
New pictures of the puppies and Tejas


Tejas is waving Hi to all his doodle friends!!!
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Thanks guys we all can't help but being proud of our doodles can we...
Oh and yes I will be checking pockets when the two of you leave :lol: :lol: :lol:
Sunday Night puppy fix for anyone who needs it...

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New pictures for this week!!!

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Well 5 are sold for sure with 2 pending but the families are still choosing and have till Tuesday to pick so I will know after that. Green is the most mellow then purple then blue. Green boys coat is gorgeous I can't even explain it he has a think very fleece coat, then purple, then blue. Poor blue he came in last on both of those didn't he?

This is Katie and Clancy first litter so we will see I'm hoping for a red female so I can keep back for my program to breed back to Tejas or Murphy. :wink:
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