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Look What Layla and Tejas Had Today

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5 females and 4 males she started around 10:00 and was done about 3:30 or so. She did great for her first time she is very attentive to her puppies. Enjoy :D :D :D

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Hurray!!! Puppy fix in the morning!! Congratulations!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
Jac congrats to you too!! Who are the parents this time? Pictures please......I'm dieing to see the tuxedo male!! Not that I need another!:wink:
Thanks Jac.....I was just at your blog and had copied that picture to help out...and you beat me to it!! they are little beauties! I'm glad I live far away....... :wink:
I think I'm in love with the one in the middle with the straighter hair from the last batch....are these Lexie's??
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Cooper2mom said:
(My husband just whispered no!)
There's always room for compromise with a "whispered"'s the "foot down" no that means something....and that's MAYBE!! :wink:
Thnaks for a great early morning puppy/cuteness fix!! :lol:
And proud you should be...they are gorgeous!!
I knew I went to bed too early last night.....but what great pictures to wake up to! Thanks!! :wink:
1 - 7 of 75 Posts
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