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Little Timmie

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Here is a picture of Little Timmie. He is now four weeks old. He was born in a litter of 13 and was the one always pushed aside so we had to start supplementing him. He is doing great but we had an awful scare the other day. I went out to feed him and he wasnt there. I counted and counted and kept getting 12 puppies! The pups ar ein a garage, and there is no way they could get out by themselves , unless the mother intentially carried them away (as she has access to the outside via a doggie door). We looked all over for Little Timmie and I thought she must of took him outside to die (it was -25). Well I finally found him.. in my horses stall hidden in the hay! I couldnt believe it...

Any suggestions. Was she trying to kill him b/c I was feeding him. The odd thing is that the other day she I found her lying in the same spot. Was she trying to get him alone to feed him? She had to take him out of one building and go about 100 feet to another! If she was trying to kill him would she have burried him in the hay? I am just lucky that my horse didnt step on him.. thankfully he was crying or I may have never found him. She wants to be around him when I have him ( I am not going to let her have him back- he stays with us in the house now).

Anyways, he is doing great. Very tiny but very active.
Terri Lynn
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Oh he is just so adorable. I will let the breeders answer this one as my only advice is to keep him with you like you already said. :lol:
Some times Mama's will kick a puppy to the side so to speak (I know sounds awful but it is a part of nature) if they think the puppy is not gaining like the others or if something is wrong with a puppy. They just have this way of knowing what we don't. I'm not saying that is what she was doing just letting you know that sometimes Mama's do this. :(
Hi Molly, Little Timmie is sooooo cute, I could just squeeze him :D :D

I think you are smart in taking him away from Momma. As cold as it is, he could freeze in no time. He is old enough and as long as you teach him what his momma would, he will be just fine. I had to take a pup away from his momma just recently because momma was being so rough with him. He was a singleton pup and momma was very rough with him causing terrible bruising to his neck (neck swelled up to the size of a golf ball). I paid special attention to try and teach him like his momma would since he had no siblings to learn from either. He turned out great and his new family just adores him and says he's "perfect". We wonder why the momma's act in these strange ways, sometimes there is a reason but sometimes there isn't and we must intervene. Give Little Timmie an extra hug tonight :)
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Molly i may not be a breeder but come from years of growing up on a farm. Animals sometimes do is weaker or something wrong to them etc.
Thank heavens you found him..and yes you are now the Mommie dog.
We're humans and try to fix things...animals don't reason like us but she has her reasons for fixing things her way. Alsolittermates later on could pick on him for whatever reason.

Dogs like us are all different in their makeup.

Either way, it's in the past as you now have a gorgeous baby on your hands (literally). I have a friend that raised her dog from 2wks old and ABBY turned out to be such a sweety pie.
Wow, Terri Lynn! That is a real surprise coming from Molly, eh?
I am so thankful that you found little Timmy! He is so adorable!
I agree with the others, I'd keep him inside and care for him...although, I tend to think that Molly may have intended to give him special attention. He probably could't nurse with the others, because no teat for him...and with his small size, probably didn't get much milk so maybe Molly was taking him where she could nurse him without the others and help him. That makes sense to me, especially since she covered him with hay to keep him warm.
I think that if she was trying to kill him, she would have...
Still, her "common sense" and animal ways are not really good for Timmy so hang in there with him...he is a doll baby!
He really is beautiful. I never thought thought of it, but what Jac says makes sense doesn't it? If she didnt want him she would have suffocated him or worse yet.

Please keep us posted, I think of him often.
How is Little Timmie doing?
Little Timmie is doing wonderful! We bottle fed him for a bit, than this week he started drinking on his own. He is eating soft soaked food tonight for the first time. He is growing, and my 9 month old boy and him are best friends. I think he just needed some extra TLC!


Since they try to share toys i spend forever washing them! They enjoy each other though.
Terri Lynn
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Looks like best friends....maybe Timmie's a keeper?? :wink:
Oh they are so sweet together, how adorable is that!!!!
What a sweet picture :!: I'm so glad to hear that Little Timmie is doing so good. I'm with Gene, I think he's a keeper :)
that is about the sweetest picture ...a boy and his puppy.
YUP a keeper for sure!!!

I also was thinking that things sometimes happen for a reason.
Could it be possible that little timmie may be the one for your little boy ?
Yes, I think it looks like you have a keeper for your son. How could you separate those two? Can you imagine the bond those two will have as they grow together?

The pictures you are getting of them are priceless. Wonderful! I'm so glad to hear that Timmie is thriving. And surely he is... you can really see how happy he is with his friend.
OH! That is such a heartwarming picture!
What is your 9mo old baby's name? hahahha i know the doodle is Little timmie :wink:

OH earlier tonight I got to hold 2 week old doodles.....ohhhhhhh they're eyes just opened 2 days ago. I could have sat there all night holding them snuggling and listening to them grunt and nurse. My heart melted and oh there was one with a white streak/line starting on her head going down 1/2 her back!!!! and white silvering on her paws. and lastly one white dot on her chest!!! yes i fell in love

NO i am not getting a 3rd doodle as I have more than I can handle with Peanut :roll:

MOLLY you must be in 7th Heaven between your little boy and little timmie
It is busy but great. I love the pups, and of course my little man (who's name is Owen). They are at such a cute stage.
Terri Lynn
Molly said:
It is busy but great. I love the pups, and of course my little man (who's name is Owen). They are at such a cute stage.
Terri Lynn
Terri....... Owen is irresisitible!!! i am soo glad i can't have babies anymore as they are sooooo contaigious. So are puppies hahhahaa
After holding 2 week old doodles again ...i got to thinking how you must feel taking care of little timmie

a few farm people and breeders here said ususally if you dry off and warm up the puppy MOM sometimes accepts it back. IF not they have their reasons and nature is survival of the fittest as the expression goes. Thank heavens for us humans.

I am so happy Little Timmie has a new mommie and OWEN as his buddy
I can see OWEN in the future crawling after Timmie who's standing back running circles around him woofing hahhahaa
HOW"S little timmie doing?
I was wondering that too. I think Little Timmie has stolen a piece of my heart!
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