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Life's Abundance.
Has anyone tried this food? Comments?
Our trainer recommended it.

The 'Compare Ingredients' Link is interesting and shows how bad some food really is:

I am switching Bella to adult food after our vacation next week. I am a nervous Nelly about putting her in the kennel as it is and now I have the added worry that someone might accidentally feed her food or a treat that is not hers ...and then it get's recalled :roll:

I have a large bag of Kirkland that I am returning to Costco. Although it grades well, I just do not fully trust it. It contains 'natural flavors' and natural flavors potentially could contain wheat gluten.

Although Bella has done great on Wellness Puppy, I hate that Wellness was using Menu Foods for their wet foods.

So we are switching and would have done it already if I wasn't going on vacation.

I like Canidae and this brand so far. I need 'easy' so when I do leave her, I can send her own food.

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i like Canidae...also max and peanut in past couldn't tolerate eggs which are in many foods :cry:
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