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left alone

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How do you cope leaving a doodle alone for 4 hours? is there a problem with this, if I leave the room he crys, how can I go to the shops
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I've found that Quin has a harder time with being left alone when I am actually home (like when I go upstairs to take a shower and he is in his x-pen downstairs) than when I leave the house. When I go out I leave him in his crate & I assume he goes to sleep. But if he knows I am in the house, that is when he'll whine. He seems to want to be with his family if he knows we're around, but he's ok when we're not.
Hi Angie, I agree with Quinn's mom...they cry and howl to get your attention...if you are not there, what's the sense? :wink:
You might want to set up a tape recorder and leave for 30 minutes...let your puppy hear the car leaving and returning and then listen to hear how it goes.
You can leave a radio on if you'd like...sometimes that helps.
Here is an interesting product...I have actually considered buying this: ... =Home_Page
it is so upsetting, I hate to hear him cry. I will have to leave him soon, at the moment we take shifts, it is crazy he is ruling our life. Like you say if we are not there he will not get the attention and may get fed up with crying. We leave the radio on for him
Oh! I hope I can help, seeing to the fact that my doodle can now stay home for almost an entire day on her own. ^^

We just adopted our new black Labradoodle named Dori a few weeks ago. What happened was that we tried to start leaving her home for 4 hours only a week after she was adopted... NOT SMART. Dori tore through the screen door with sharp nails, and we found her on my bed... -.-
Anyway, I reccomend you start with small time; I went up 30 min. each day. EX: One day I'd be gone for a half hour, the next, a whole hour, the next an hour and a half, and so on. I work with and ride horses almost every day of the week, and n one is usually home at that time, so we put Dori in a little playpin in my father's excercise room, limiting her area to run around in... Which is also a good idea, but be sure to make sure that he has plenty of water and food every day. Also, I suggest you give him a treat that he loves, so that way he associates your leaving with something good. For example, my Dori LOVES Pig-Ears. So now we give her 2, and we love to burry them the night before, 'cause she loves hide-and-seek. If your dog likes to dig, I think maybe you should do that, too... Well, make sure you don't mind your yard being compeltely messed up, though... XD. Anyway, Also make sure that he's in a safe place, where nothing can get at him. It's also good to leave his crate/bed/pillow out there with him, so he doesn't have trouble going to sleep. Well, tell me if there's anything else I can maybe do!

Dori's Mommy
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are the pig ears ok for puppy being left alone?

my pup isn't interested in a kong, are pig ears ok to leave with her for 4-5 hours?
I would have to leave Otto indoors, I would not leave him outside, incase someone came in and took him.
Pigs ears I think are OK if supervised, I would not leave Otto with them alone as I have heard of dogs choking on them
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