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Last T-Shirt Post (for a while!)

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New designs for you all to ponder...

Thanks again for all of your suggestions and ideas. Also, our designer told me that he has the abilty to do custom T's for you with pictures of YOUR DOODLE on it. If you're interested, PM me and I'll forward your info on to our designer.

"Many Faces"

"I Love"

"Life Begins at F1"

"My Best Friend"

"My Boss"

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I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE SHIRTS!!! WAY TO GO! I would buy a few of the different styles. Of course I wouldn't think the Christmas hat should be part of the shirt on the first one....oh and maybe the collage needs a doodle that looks more labby. There are a lot of doodles that look very much like labs with a little scruff!
I like 2, 3 , and 4 the best...
Much better!
I never seen, heard, or thought of this until right now...How about...
In The Mood For A Dood?
That is such a cute saying!!
I love them! My favorites are the "life begins.." and the "best friend" one! I agree about the collage having some that look more scruffy. I would also be interested in the personalized one. Thanks for doing this! These are going to be great!
My favs are:

My best friend

Life begins at F1


My boss (having spent all that time waiting on Jett while she recuperated you can bet she thinks she is the boss :lol: )

I would purchase any of these.

The many faces reminds me more of a poster than a t-shirt. :oops:
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Perfect! I think you have some great ones there!! Good designs and something for everyone!
Thank you for listening to our comments...I will be buying, for sure! And, I plan to do the PM so that I can get my babies on a shirt! (Instead of my babie's muddy paw prints! LOL)
Excellent!!!! These are great designs, I do agree we need more of a variety of generations on the collage one. I love LexiAnn's saying of "In the Mood for a Dood", that's great :) When can we start ordering?
Beautiful Shirts!

Where do we get them? I have been out of the loop for a while.
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