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Lani's new do

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Well, took Lani for her summer do and she looks like someone elses dog! Here are the before and after photos, Oh look a the last one and have a laugh at how much fur was cut off! And I trimmed off the fuzz on her tail! :lol:

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Oh I love it!!! I'm smiling ear-to-ear!! She looks great :)
She looks fabulous! What a cool 'do!
Thanks! I'm just not use to it yet she looks so strange to me!
She looks beautiful!! I want to kiss that little liver nose......would you do it for me?? :lol:
I think she looks marvvvvvvvelous!!! and haahahhahhahaaa i lov Lani's expression sitting in the car :wink:
gene said:
I want to kiss that little liver nose......would you do it for me?? :lol:
Sure will, but we will have to check it for cicada parts first (yuck!!!!) they are the newest dinning delight here a varitable buffett! So we are finding pieces parts in various places on her face!
Latest favorites in the yard for my two.....barking....and bark eating. I think they're been watching old Grapenuts commercial featuring Euell Gibbons....
"You know, parts of a pine tree are edible." :wink:
sessa35 said:
(p.s. I'm from South America--there, we roast and chocolate dip insects--hhmmm, yummy!) hahahahahaha! :lol: :lol:
And my prosthetic leg bothers you?? ewwwwwwww :p
i love Lani's new haircut! I was such a huge fan of the ultra shaggy doodle before, but i'm starting to really like the shorter summer looks too. I can almost even stand Dexter's poor shaved paws since they're growing in a bit and now he brings in no dirt :lol:
haha...ok i will. we just got back from vacation today and my husband needs to download our photos (included in those will be one of the hairless feet).
She really looks FANTASTIC! And cool as a cucumber for the summer!

Mike and Sofie :D
Lani looks very cute! One nice thing about doodles is you can have a variety of looks! Doc is next in line for his summer shave! :D
She looks great....such a beautiful color.

I am taking her pictures to groomer on Wednesday....Tanner has discovered water and matts....matts...matts....

I hope he will look as nice :)
I keep wanting to take Peanut to the groomers since she has a combo of shaggy wavy to now some curly areas. HOWEVER between Dave and my boys they are loudly protesting hahhahaaa

I also wonder if i should hand clip her instead versus having her shaved at the groomres. Does a puppy ever grow back a different coat meaning curlier?

Also BOTH my doodles fur grows back real slowly
Lani looks Terrific Lisa!And I'm sure she'll be thanking you over
and over as the summer progresses!
:D :D

Kathie,Raleigh & Molly ! :D :twisted: :?
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