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Lani is being Spayed today

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Lisa is putting Lani in to be SPAYED today ( i got the word right this time didn't i?)

Lisa....hope your day goes welll and Toby's foot is doing better. Good luck. and i hope you are okay today and not a bundle of nerves like i get :wink:

Peanut says " it was a breeze as you get tons of attention and get to sleep alot too. But sometimes get a bit woozy when walking. :D OH and Max was kind to me leaving my boo-boo area alone. I also didn't need a cone or tee shirt since my mommie kept reminding me to leave it alone. So i did." :D
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HI are you and Toby holding up?

Me i'd race to the vets making sure Lani her heard me hhahha so i'd have to bring her home.

keep us posted
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