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Lani is being Spayed today

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Lisa is putting Lani in to be SPAYED today ( i got the word right this time didn't i?)

Lisa....hope your day goes welll and Toby's foot is doing better. Good luck. and i hope you are okay today and not a bundle of nerves like i get :wink:

Peanut says " it was a breeze as you get tons of attention and get to sleep alot too. But sometimes get a bit woozy when walking. :D OH and Max was kind to me leaving my boo-boo area alone. I also didn't need a cone or tee shirt since my mommie kept reminding me to leave it alone. So i did." :D
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Annmarie you are too sweet!!!! I leave in about a half hour to take her in and getting kind of nervous. :( She has been whinning for water and looking at me like a bad mom! She will also be microchipped, teeth cleaned and a close cut on her nails, a varitable day at the spa! (tummy tuck included) I will update later, Toby seems to be doing fine. Thanks for the support.

PS how was the storm yesterday?
Our vet just called and said that Lani is doing well. She is sitting up rather placidly and will hopefully lay down in about an hour and sleep until morning. He told the techs and afterhour people if she begins to start stressing out over being there to give us a call and we can bring her home. Good news! Toby is missing her something terrible! :cry:
Thanks everyone! I'm torn between wanting her to come home tonight and staying, I know that she will be well taken care of there. I think Toby would have a very hard time leaving her alone. She is so hyper she may be better off overnight there???? :cry:

The vet does not do external stitches so she will not have anything to chew on and won't need a cone, yeah! I will be sleeping downstairs with Toby tonight so we can all get some sleep, he makes noises like someone is killing him! :shock: when Lani is not around and has to be in his crate.

Thanks again!
Just called up to the vet's office. They said that she is fully awake and was being walked outside. She has been sitting quietly in her cage and wagging her tail! I'm suprised she is not barking her fool head off! :) I feel a little better. :?
Maureen said:
I totally get your dilemma!
Gee, I guess Tobey doesn't know the meaning of "quality time" huh? he could be sucking up all your attention, and all he thinks is Lani, Lani, Lani!

Ok, so HOW does your vet close the incision without the stitches?

Glad all is well.........
Toby has become a shadow, if he thinks I'm moving he is going too! The vet does the stitches under the skin, subcutaneus stitches I believe. He did the same thing when Toby was neutered, he had no trouble. We realized that Toby has never been without another dog around for more than 4 hours. Even when he was neutered there were dogs everywhere in cages. Lani had 4 months all to herself! I guess it would be hard to be dogless! :wink:
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