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Catherine I loved your post!
You are right, as we consider our dogs every other perspective can and often does change.

When I was researching standard poodles I was looking for a dog that would be happy with a relatively small yard and was glad to find out that they are happy as "apartment" dogs - in fact our Sheba actually gets winded on a very long (3+ mi) walk my hubby and I take. Our lab is barely panting on that walk, by comparison.

All puppies have extra energy so walking and playing at a nearby dog park will be a great asset. (and they sleep better! :wink: ) But I would not say that our f1b Doodles, for example, would need to be exercised as adults, since they are more Poodle than Lab, genetically.

I like your screen name - it sounds like you really are "DOODLE READY" :D
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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