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Hello everyone, you all seem very friendly on this board and it is very informative. I was wondering if there are any owners on this site that live in Manhattan or breeders that have sold a labradoodle to anyone who lives there?. I am very interested in how the dogs are doing there. I've seen many smaller dogs, but never an actual labradoodle in my neighborhood. I'm wondering if a labradoodle could live in a small ground floor apartment a couple of blocks away from a dog run, a park and many choices vetinarians, walkers, day care if necessary on the doorstep. We do have a car and go out to New Jersey a lot, because my fiance's family lives there, so the dog's daily life would be varied. When considering getting a dog, suddenly you start seeing everything from a doggie perspective and wonder would a medium sized labradoodle be truly happy in a city? We really want to give a dog a fantastic life. Thanks in advance for any information
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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