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Well I dont live in NYC or a big city like that, but I do live in a small city. And we do live in a apartment. Living in a city apartment does make things more busy, luckily for me I dont work and have lots of time for my dog. He is walked in the morning and at night, and since we got the gentle leader his walks are even farther now. If its not raining I am literally at the beach everyday and he is always with me. Sometimes we walk to a local pizza shop (which is in downtown) and he is so popular, he loves all the attention. When I got Leno I had to make a commitment that he would be walked daily and got all the exercise he needed. Afterall its not like I can open my back door and let him go in a nice fenced in back yard. And his indoor exercise is chasing the cats everywhere, which is a whole other story!!

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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