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Labradoodles in the city?

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Hello everyone, you all seem very friendly on this board and it is very informative. I was wondering if there are any owners on this site that live in Manhattan or breeders that have sold a labradoodle to anyone who lives there?. I am very interested in how the dogs are doing there. I've seen many smaller dogs, but never an actual labradoodle in my neighborhood. I'm wondering if a labradoodle could live in a small ground floor apartment a couple of blocks away from a dog run, a park and many choices vetinarians, walkers, day care if necessary on the doorstep. We do have a car and go out to New Jersey a lot, because my fiance's family lives there, so the dog's daily life would be varied. When considering getting a dog, suddenly you start seeing everything from a doggie perspective and wonder would a medium sized labradoodle be truly happy in a city? We really want to give a dog a fantastic life. Thanks in advance for any information
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Good friends of our live in NYC & have a large (70 lbs) doodle & they are doing fine. The big thing is getting regular exercise - they take her to a nearby park that allows her to have some good play time & exercise daily. Any pooch, no matter what size, that's cooped up & not getting enough exercise will develop undesirable behavioral issues.
Good luck.
Gabriele, Odie & Molly
Well I dont live in NYC or a big city like that, but I do live in a small city. And we do live in a apartment. Living in a city apartment does make things more busy, luckily for me I dont work and have lots of time for my dog. He is walked in the morning and at night, and since we got the gentle leader his walks are even farther now. If its not raining I am literally at the beach everyday and he is always with me. Sometimes we walk to a local pizza shop (which is in downtown) and he is so popular, he loves all the attention. When I got Leno I had to make a commitment that he would be walked daily and got all the exercise he needed. Afterall its not like I can open my back door and let him go in a nice fenced in back yard. And his indoor exercise is chasing the cats everywhere, which is a whole other story!!

Catherine I loved your post!
You are right, as we consider our dogs every other perspective can and often does change.

When I was researching standard poodles I was looking for a dog that would be happy with a relatively small yard and was glad to find out that they are happy as "apartment" dogs - in fact our Sheba actually gets winded on a very long (3+ mi) walk my hubby and I take. Our lab is barely panting on that walk, by comparison.

All puppies have extra energy so walking and playing at a nearby dog park will be a great asset. (and they sleep better! :wink: ) But I would not say that our f1b Doodles, for example, would need to be exercised as adults, since they are more Poodle than Lab, genetically.

I like your screen name - it sounds like you really are "DOODLE READY" :D
Thanks for the info, I'm finding out a lot from this website.
I realized yesterday Chester would be fine in an apartment---he's always sitting or laying near one of us anyway!
Well everyone has already given you advice so I just wanted to welcome you to this forum!! :D
Thanks very much everyone. Makes me feel more positive.
I'm from Florida, but was in Manhattan this weekend and saw 2 labradoodles, both of whom looked pretty happy.
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