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Of course, even if you do all of this you may still come out with a problem.

We researched, and decided on a rehome, due to the fact that sometimes a puppy's allergens will change (for better or worse) with the adult coat. And on a Goldendoodle, since many signs pointed to them being more hypoallergenic.

We found a rehome from a great breeder, who bathed the dog and let us snuggle her for 2 hours... she licked and rolled all over my husband! We then left his clothes on for 12 hours like suggested. NO ALLERGIES! So, we brought her home a week later.

Not three hours later, DH was sneezing and dripping. We were crushed! We had done all that research for nothing it seemed. We tried everything... air purifiers, baths, "allerpet"... nothing worked.

Finally, he tried Clariten. He is fine now, and loves Molly more than anything. I hate to have him on medicine, but it was his dream to get the dog, and I do believe he would put up with mild allergies now to keep her, but luckily the Clariten kills MOlly's allergens. (interestingly, it does nothing for any other dog... he's still miserable around them.)

Just our story... even the best precautions can lead you to a bad end. Make sure you talk about this possibility. Good luck!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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