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Labradoodles: F1-B or multigeneration and allergy issues

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I am just starting to consider Labradoodles. My husband and son have dog allergies. My husband does not "believe" that Labradoodles are allergy free. Is there some evidence? Also, what is the difference between F1-B and multigen.? Thanks
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The only evidence I can say is search through the forums lots of people talk about the allergies, and read other websites about labradoodles. One site I was reading said a man originally bred them for a blind woman who had allergies and needed a good guide dog.

Also, I know other people personally who have a labradoodle. Both of them are allergic to dogs, and after doing their research they decided to get one. They have had him for a few months now and both have had no allergic reactions.

These dogs are very popular for people with allergies :D
Hi Kap, welcome!
There are differences in F1B and Multigen dogs and although F1Bs are consistently good coats for allergic people, not all F1Bs you and your husband know, allergens come from many things, it can be from the hair of a dog, or from the dander or can come from outside influences, such as the type of shampoo or even the collar type used...and it can even be a problem of the dog playing with and around other animals.
So, your husband is right to be sceptical... and there is no evidence, unless you count the thousands of people who tell you that they have allergies and that their allergies are not aggravated by Labradoodles.
Still, a Labradoodle coat can only be good for allergic people when they are allergic to the fur of dogs...and the doods that get the hair from their Lab side, may cause a reaction...but if the dog has a Poodle coat, and if the person is allergic to the fur (I understand that Poodles have hair, but I don't know if that is a fact) then the Labradoodle could be the answer.
My husband is severely allergic to most cats and dogs (and other animals for that matter) much so that he literally can't breathe after being with them for 15 minutes. (He is on medication and uses inhalers.) But he has never had an allergic reaction to our Labradoodles. (And our Labradoodles are F1s...and they do shed a bit.)
We now have 2 F1 Labradoodles, one Poodle, one F1 Goldendoodle and 10 F1B puppies in our home...and no allergies. Sooooo, I would say that for us, this is sufficient proof that the dogs don't cause an allergic reaction for my husband's particular type of allergies. :D
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thanks for the replys

Thank you for the replys. I will do more reading and see if he can be convinced. I just hate to get a dog and then have to find it a new home if there are any problems. That would be a bad situation for us all.
maybe try visiting a breeder near you and see if your husbands allergies act up. Just an idea. Or maybe even a shelter...but that wouldnt work because of the other dogs, maybe see if they will take the dog outside for you and see if allergies act up. Sorry, Im just thinking out loud.
Kap, what we did was to find the puppies we wanted and went to the breeder's area (a 6 hour drive) and we stayed in a hotel...(no allergies in the we knew it was a "safe" zone.) The breeder washed the two puppies we were considering and brought them to us. My husband cuddled an snuggled with them for about 2 reaction. We decided to take a chance...we knew that if it didn't work out we could give them to my husband's sisters, so we had an option.
He has never had an allergic reaction to them.
Now, it is possible that over time, people develop allergies to the dogs, but it has not happened in our case.
I think that if you get a good breeder, they will work with you to "test" the allergens related to your husband...but be sure that you don't "meet" the puppies in any place that could have dander or fur from other dogs/animals, like a pet friendly hotel or someone's house where they own other types of dogs or cats.
Good luck!
I have sold F1's to people with allergies and did fine and had F1B's that people had problems with so I would search out a breeder that will let you visit and that will bathe the dog and put you in an area where it is free from other dogs. My people brought their SUV and stayed in it and they are as happy as can be with her she is an F1. Find a good breeder and go from there.
Of course, even if you do all of this you may still come out with a problem.

We researched, and decided on a rehome, due to the fact that sometimes a puppy's allergens will change (for better or worse) with the adult coat. And on a Goldendoodle, since many signs pointed to them being more hypoallergenic.

We found a rehome from a great breeder, who bathed the dog and let us snuggle her for 2 hours... she licked and rolled all over my husband! We then left his clothes on for 12 hours like suggested. NO ALLERGIES! So, we brought her home a week later.

Not three hours later, DH was sneezing and dripping. We were crushed! We had done all that research for nothing it seemed. We tried everything... air purifiers, baths, "allerpet"... nothing worked.

Finally, he tried Clariten. He is fine now, and loves Molly more than anything. I hate to have him on medicine, but it was his dream to get the dog, and I do believe he would put up with mild allergies now to keep her, but luckily the Clariten kills MOlly's allergens. (interestingly, it does nothing for any other dog... he's still miserable around them.)

Just our story... even the best precautions can lead you to a bad end. Make sure you talk about this possibility. Good luck!
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Thank you everybody for your assistance. I was so hoping for a miracle, a sure thing! I think we will check out the Breeder we know of and test out the dog and hopefully get to bring it home and hope that we can keep it. Everybody here wants a dog badly. Thanks for the encouraging messages, even those that are pointing out the unfortunate reality that we may not get to have a Labradoodle. (I will never be able to consider a "hairless" dog as a pet!)
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