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hmmm....I dont know what to really suggest. You have only had her for a week so thats still kinda early in the game. You said she will scratch at your door why not let her come in? Or keep your door open so she can go in and out. Maybe try buying her a dog pillow and put it somewhere in your room. It kinda seems like she wants to be where ever you are. Do you know how she slept with her previous owner? Maybe they allowed her to sleep in the bed or in their room. I dont crate my doodle at all. At night I leave my bedroom door open, if I close it he will cry at the door. But he will sleep on his pillow which is next to my bed or he will sleep on the end of my bed. At first I had a problem with him in our bed, I was kinda not into it but I got over it. I really dont mind him in it, I just have to wash my sheets more often! grandma's dog jumps on her furniture so at night or when she leaves for the day she puts newspaper on her couch and chair and he doesnt go on it, thats just a suggestion to try :D

Good Luck...and I hope it gets easier for you!
1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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