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Hi! I've got a 6 month labradoodle girl (27 weeks) and I'm wondering about adult size. Her parents are both 35lb, 17" and 18". Most of her life she's been predicted to be about 45lbs on the online calculators but I'm not sure how accurate those are.

She seemed to be on track to meet that until she got sick last month and didn't grow. She is currently 17" and 33lb.

My last doodle was 90lb so she's not a realistic comparison for size.

What do you predict her size will be as an adult?

Also if it matters- 8 weeks; 10lbs 13 weeks; 15lbs 14 or 15 weeks; 18lbs 18 weeks; 25lbs 20 weeks; 28lbs 22 weeks; 30lbs 27 weeks; 33lbs

Thanks! :)
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