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Our Labradoodle was always a super calm dog that never barked much but he has a knack of telling you what he wants. It was 2am in the morning last summer my family was sound asleep when my Labradoodle woke me. He came to my bedside and made me follow him to the back door. Thinking all along he has to poop right now or else... even though he never wakes up to poop. So I open the door and he drags me towards a tree in the back yard while smelling the ground and I see an object and I'm thinking bear so I stop and yell "hey!" Just then a guy runs out from behind the tree and heads toward the road. This guy must of been trying to break into my house for drug money or worse when he alerted our much appreciated super friendly security that's much more to us than "just a dog".

As an after thought I shouldn't have gone out there without a gun or the police.
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