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Looking for suggestions for a labradoodle breeder within driving distance of Massachusetts (IE: new england, PA, NY, NJ, etc.)

We are looking to spend between $500-$1500 on our pup, and having a tough time finding puppies in that price range.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Posted: Tue May 24, 2005 5:32 pm Post subject:


Hi - We got our wonderful Labradoodle last March from a really terrific breeder in Connecticut. I know she has a website but I can't remember the website name right now.
We were so happy w/ our first puppy from her that we have put a deposit on a second one - there should be a litter coming this Spring. We paid $1200.00 & he was worth every penny.

Contact info --
Pine River Kennels
Ruth Beakey
49 Devotion Rd. Box 244
Scotland CT 06264
[email protected]

Good luck! Let us all know when you get your pup. - Gabriele

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